Lotus Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer by Lotus Energie is a power device destined to be positioned between the mains and the user’s machine.The economic efficiency of both producers and consumers, as well as grids. Hence it is determined by the power quality of electricity.  Our products provide quality energy and protects your solutions. We are prodiving solution for static stabilizer and servo stabilizer .   

LOTUS Static Voltage Regulator  is a power device destined to be positioned between the mains and the user.

The purpose is to ensure that the User is fed a voltage subject to a variation much lower (±1% ,±3%,±5% with regards to the nominal value) that the one guaranteed by the distributing system.

Lotus  ST -1:1 Phase  1 to 60 kVA

Lotus  ST -3:3 Phase  1 to 2000 kVA

General Specification

  • 3 phase in / 3 phase out
  • SNMP or TCP  (optional)
  • Power 10-2000 kVA
  • Input Voltage 300- 480 VAC 3 F+N
  • Input Frequency 50 Hz
  • Output Voltage 380 / 400 VAC 3 F+N
  • Output Voltage Tolerance + – % 2
  • Regulation Rate 5000 V / Sec
  • Efficiency >% 97
  • Operating Temperature 0 C – 40 C
  • Overload 20 ms for % 500 over load
  • Relative Humidity up to % 0 – % 95
  • Acoustic Noise < 55 dBA
  • Basic Advantages:
  • Sensitive and fast TRUE RMS reading modül in 20 mil second reading

Lotus voltage stabilizer is  guarantees for the cost beneficial solution. Our products save your device and prevent to lose valueable device. Moreover, voltage stabilizer prevent high electricty cost.

To ensure efficiency and reliability for consumers is vital for electronic devices.In addition providing that the voltage supply is always available regardless of the input current.

Unsteady supply causes

  • Reduced productivity
  • Data loss
  • Security failure
  • Machine faults
  • Inaccurate information and domestic inconveniences Those are only a few examples of potential problems. Apparently all that results in higher managing and producing cost.

The solution is to prefer a voltage stabilizer that has proven to be an effective solution able to prevent potentially dangerous situations created by input voltage instability.

  • Oil & gas, laser cutting, water shearing, tobacco industry, textile industry, galvanic processes, machinery in general. 
  • Food & Beverage industry, intensive breeding, food processing, packaging, bottling. 
  • Banks, hotels & tourist resorts, data centre, laboratories, small businesses, private users. 
  • TV/Radio stations, telecom networks.
  • Hospitals, public offices & institutions. 
  • Solar and wind farms. 
  • Rural areas or locations supplied by long distributing lines such as breeding farms, tourist resorts, hotels, etc. 
  • Users located near distributing station and therefore subject to voltage increase. 
  • Swimming pool pumps, big chillers, special lighting systems, lifts) and/or particularly voltage sensitive loads (high power consumer electronics, etc.).
  • Loads located near large industrial plants where individual high power devices (MV motors) can induce voltage reduction at startup.
  • Island operating loads (ships, offshore rigs, loads not connected to the public grid).
  • Usually lower price.
  • High efficiency.
  • High inrush current withstand capability.
  • Reduced dimension, simple to run, ‘plug&play’ operating mode.
  • High output voltage stability guaranteed even for wide input fluctuation.
  • Absence of introduced harmonic distortion.
  • Robust and reliable construction, allowing for use in hard environments.
  • Overload capability up to twice the rated current (max 2 mins).
  • No concerns in terms of storage, transportation, maintenance and disposal due to the fact that batteries are not used.
  • Smooth and reliable regulation of the load voltage ensuring a ±0.5% accuracy even with important input voltage variation.
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