3kVA – 4000kVA & 25A – 600A

Lotus Static Transfer Switch (STS) Power Systems International transfer switches. Designed to provide switching between two independent AC power sources Lotus STS ensure “highest availability”of the power supply to sensitive and critical applications to transfer the energy to another supplier without any interrupts.  The use of static transfer switch and 2N architecture increases the maintainability of the switch panels and upstream equipment.

Usage area of STS

Data Centres

Industrial IT Solutions

Single Power Supply Systems

Automatic Transfer Switches

Lotus STS can provide intelligent automatic transfer switches that can be powered from two UPS systems, differentmains supplies or a combination of both. The system also has distribution with compatibility for eight network devices to be connectedfrom its output sockets. Higher reliability levels are achieved by using dual power sources and outlets that can be programmed to schedule individual device shutdowns, or delay priorities ensuring maximum uptime and control for the user.

The front panel has an LCD display providing input & output status, alarms and key measurements information which can also be remotely monitored using RS232, USB or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) communications

LOTUS STS (Static Transfer Switch)


  • Smart control and high reliability with DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  • Thyristor controlled switching (fully static)
  • Automatic and manual transfer modes
  • 2×16 character LCD display, showing measurements,
  • status and alarm messages, led test
  • Graphic touchscreen user interface module (HMI) Option
  • Led displays for easy observation of static transfer switch status.
  • Audible alarm.
  • Internal maintenance bypass switch
  • Internal, redundant and monitored power supplies
  • Calibration of measurements from front panel
  • Language selection from front panel
  • Input Low / High, Output Low / High, Over Temperature, Short Circuit
  • protections
  • Common alarm relay output.
  • Possibility of monitor and control over RS232-RS485.
  • Modbus (RTU) communication.
  • Log records with date and time stamp up the 200 events.
  • Thyristor failure detection.
  • Natural cooling up to a power level.
  • Hot Swap (for 2U solutions)

Accessible in 100-800A force range and both 3 shaft or 4 post establishment

Consequently switches when supply source falls outside satisfactory resilience

Manual exchanging either distantly or by means of the front board

Full front access for simple support

Availability opening empowers LAN association and far off administration.

Expert Switch Three-Phase is a static exchange switch for modern and IT settings requiring extra security from power deficiencies. Can be utilized related to an UPS or as a different independent gadget.

Accessible for both 3 post or 4 shaft establishments. Naturally changes to auxiliary inventory if the essential source falls outside adequate resilience. You can likewise physically move either distantly or from the front control board.

Assurance Against Power Supply Faults

In the event that one of the two info power sources falls outside resistance levels, Master Switch consequently moves to the optional stockpile. This exchanging is immediate if the sources are in-stage, yet regardless of whether they are non-simultaneous the exchange time is under 10 msecs.

Exchanging is likewise conceivable physically through the front board or even distantly.

Assurance Against Overloads And Load Faults

In case of an overload, you can set the degree of intercession where the MTS’s inner insurance gadgets will hinder the force supply.

What’s more, in outrageous cases like a downstream short out, Master Switch naturally disengages the influenced burden to secure the activity of different burdens.

Excess Design

Completely autonomous, separate circuits supply the MTS’s interior rationale. These are hot-swappable importance you can supplant them, whenever needed, without making an interference the heap. Force Supply Backup usefulness guarantees helper power from an outer source if the two supplies come up short.