Solar Water Pump System


Using a LOTUS ENERGIE submersible pump, you are not limited to the solar powered water pump that you can pump from. Pumping water from a well, pond, tank or lake can all be done without being concerned about suction head limits as you would be with a surface pump.

You can reduce your irrigation costs to zero with the power of the world’s most reliable and cheapest solar energy sources and make your job easier.

All-In-One” is the principle of LOTUS ENERGIE, which offers full solar energy. With this definition, the cost of capital decreases and the system’s lifespan gets longer. The water given by LOTUS ENERGIE  can be used either for drip irrigation or for sprinkler irrigation.

Solar Powered Water Pump Applications; Drinking water supply; Pond management;Irrigation,Livestock watering; Pressurizing

Characteristics of Solar Water Pump;Fast, failure-free installation; Excellent serviceability; High reliability and life expectancy ; Short Return of Investment (ROI) cycle; Lower Total Cost of Ownership.

The LOTUS ENERGIE control unit can be conveniently mounted with an IP 65 security standard and an internal combiner box. The internal MPPT module produces more efficient systems and decreases energy consumption by up to 25 percent.

LOTUS ENERGIE solar water pump systems, long-lasting and highly effective, can pump water from 10 m3/day to 210 m3/day and up to 520 m maximum pump head.

It is very important in solar pumping systems that all instruments operate together in harmony.

Incorrect device configurations boost capital costs and do not meet standards. Thanks to the “All In One” idea, the solar pump selection software developed by the LOTUS ENERGIE team and the instruments such as the photovoltaic module quickly decide all the equipment that makes up the system.

With the user-friendly solar pump selection app created by the engineers of LOTUS ENERGIE, you can pick the right pump system according to your needs.