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Lotus Energie provides detailed project planning for renewable energy systems from the beginning to the end with high qulity solar panels. We provide power plant feasibility, financial consultancy, professional project management consultancy and field installation services. We can determine realistic investment costs and payback periods by making measurements on the client’s land for you, prepare a detailed report for the place you want to invest in renewable power plants.


All parts of the solar panel carrier infrastructure are manufactured in our own factory in a modern way and certified and designed by Lotus Energie.


Special price proposal studies and pricing are made for your project. Pricing is made according to the panel power you need.  Please contact us


As Lotus Energie, according to the data obtained from the fields developed by our customers, we determine the most ideal solar panel carrier infrastructure system specific to the existing field by our expert team and perform the design process.

Ongrid Systems

Grid-connected photovoltaic systems operate on the principle of consuming electricity at the point where it is produced (self-consumption) instead of storing it in batteries.

Off Grid Systems

Off grid solar systems; are island type systems. The electricity consumed is only produced by solar panels. Excess electricity is stored by batteries. Such solar systems are suitable for use away from the grid.

Solar Watering Sytems

Agricultural irrigation with solar energy is a system that allows the irrigation infrastructures used in agricultural areas to work in an integrated manner with solar panels.

Usage Areas of Solar System

We can examine this system based on solar energy under two subheadings; active and passive systems. We can give examples of electrical energy and heat energy uses for active systems. In addition, pool heating, domestic water heating, boiler heating and so on. It is widely used in many areas. We can understand the benefits of the solar system, which we see in passive systems, by looking at the range of usage areas.

What are the Advantages of Solar System?

The solar, a clean and renewable energy source, provides us with many benefits at this point. It reduces the emission of carbon dioxide gas, which is harmful to nature, and also reduces the use of environmental resources. Energy is conserved thanks to solar energy. All energy can be conserved and used when desired, because the Sun is an endless source of energy.

As LOTUS ENERGIE, we are working for fulfilling the increasing energy need of the world, sustainably, by benefiting from our limitless energy source, the sun.

Solar Panels with 60 and 72 cells option

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