Solar Containers

Lotus Energy Solar Container systems, you can obtain practical and low-cost energy. We provide any size and type of containers ISO of flatpack systems according to our client’s needs. Usage areas can be military, shipping, storage, office, home, first aid, generator room, switch room, UPS.

We design and manufacture with furniture and necessary container equipment. After the static calculations have been made, we fit and storage the energy and it has been fitted into a folding – pop-up container.
In recent years, as the negative effects of global warming on the world are felt more, the importance of utilizing solar energy is increasing. Nowadays, instead of producing energy from fossil fuels in every field, it is preferred to convert solar energy into different types of energy. To achieve this conversion, solar energy needs to be converted to be practical, low-cost, and portable. In this context, 

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Lotus Energy offers its customers a hybrid system by developing portable systems using containers. So, our solar containers can be used on-grid or off-grid with the best quality solar panels.

We use A class solar panels, Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline, flexible, and transparent. We advise to use lithium-ion batteries with special battery shelves. It is possible with Hybrid systems to provide uninterrupted energy production in environments with and without a grid.

A hybrid inverter produces electricity, acting as a grid and backing up the battery. It works integrated with battery and on-grid inverter.

The system is designed to fit and be transported in a single container. Assembly and disassembly in the field is very practical and does not require welding.
After being fully opened horizontally with the nested frame system, the panels are easily positioned according to the angle required by the geography and without shading each other, ensuring maximum benefit from solar energy.

Solar Container System

To store energy in a container

What really stands out from the inside of the container is the array of batteries and advanced electronic design. The most concentrated energy storage ever designed with Lotus energy storage systems. The only difference is the load of the container is electricity.

Solar Container is a container model that can meet its energy needs with solar energy. Our Solar Containers are produced with first class material. Our professional team produces our special design containers in line with your needs. Our solar containers, which are tested at every step from the first production stage to the end user stage, are designed so that you can use them for many years without any problems. Lotus Energie Solar Energy Containers is a pre-wired microgrid solution with integrated solar array, battery storage, intelligent inverters, and an optional backup generator. Microgrid system sizes range from 4 kW to 25.2 kW of PV per 20-foot shipping container, with the flexibility to link multiple Solar Containers together or connect auxiliary arrays.

We have microgrid solutions, tailored to your energy requirements.

• Plug-and-play ready-to-use wiring and customized cable outlets
• Scalable and repeatable microgrid designs
• Network-connected and off-grid operation feature.
• Ready to install in a few hours, no need for prior preparation.
• Tested and approved in bad weather conditions.
• Permits have been obtained for permanent or temporary use.
• Pre-tested in our factory
• Fully automated with remote monitoring and control to optimize performance

The most important feature of the advantages of using solar energy containers is the portability of the system. Lotus Energie, an expert in energy installations, designs custom-made solar energy containers that it proudly produces in Turkey. Whatever the application, the pre-equipped container has many advantages:

The pre-equipped container allows for quick set-up in the field.

It is possible to transport the container after a period of use. In this way, costs are reduced, and risks are avoided.

If necessary, containers can be moved from one area to another.

The equipment is fully configured and tested prior to departure. It can be certified by a control body and meets the required standards of the target country.

Storage Container Internal Structure

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