Lotus Energie Rectifier

A rectifier is an electrical contrivance that converts alternating current (AC), which periodically reverses direction, to direct current (DC), which flows in only one direction through the process kenned as rectification.

Rectification is the process of conversion of the alternating current which periodically changes direction into direct current.

LOTUS Rectifier seri input voltage can be adjustable AC 110V/220V/AC380V/AC440V on customers’ requisites and output characteristics is Constant current/Constant voltage convertible (0~rating value). Output waveform: high frequency square wave, DC and superimposed waveform.

Depending on usage area LOTUS ENERGIE is offering you many types of Rectifier which are

Anodizing, Degreasing, Electrolysi, Industrial, Modular Anode Controller, Plating, Water Cooling 

Industrial Rectifiers Power Supply

Single Phase & Three Phase 6V till 230V / 50A till 25.000A

–12 VDC – 24 VDC – 48 VDC – 110 VDC – 220 VDC 

Rectifier is roughly used for devices that convert AC sign to DC sign especially they are used in industrial applications as well as in battery charging processes, which are mostly used. wide variety of applications that include the whole industry, anodizing, water treatment, crane duty, oil cleaning, static painting, electrochemical applications, and battery applications. It is used in coating processes, electrolysis processes, DC lighting units, welding machines, DC motor feeding, Telecom sectors.

Lotus Energie Industrial Rectifiers ensure years of maintenance-free operation and a long operating lifetime with the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Types of Battery Charger?

Thyristor controlled rectifiers are triggered by the control card of the thyristors with the voltage reduced by the transformer at an appropriate angle and the desired output voltage is adjusted. This type of rectifier does not change the output voltage despite the network voltage change or load change. The rectifier welding machine also works with the same logic. DC mark quality is increased with the help of L-C filters placed at the output according to the place of use.

Although Variac controlled rectifiers are used in some applications, they are rarely preferred because of their heavy, large size and bulky. Moreovere,variac rectifiers with motor system, can easily be connected to automation systems. PLC automation system from the system will be run with two relay contact is possible Process Control Features Variac device can be used with process control unit which allows different current and voltage values and lots of working programs.Fully auto working can be done on demand.Connection with communication Networks such as . Profibus DP, Modbus, Ethernet is easy to be done.

LOTUS ENERGIE SMPS Type rectifiers work with the logic of converting the signal to DC with the help of diodes to the desired DC level with the help of ferrite isolated transformers, mosfets and control cards.

A switchmode power supply (SMPS) by comparison is the relative new kid on the block. Switch modes are an electronic power supply that uses a switch from AC to DC, back to AC, then once again back to DC. This is all done at high frequency allowing for the internal parts to be smaller. They utilize a high primary voltage—where 480VAC input units typically see 700VDC—switching voltages inside the transformer.

This makes failure a bit more destructive and violent due to smoke generation. With smaller parts, tighter windings, smaller footprints and an even tinier tolerance, these precision pieces of equipment offer good space efficiency per watt, modern computer interfaces and intuitive controls.

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