Lotus Elevator

Lotus Energy is provided by elevator system according to your requirements. The transportation system in the building should be equally innovative. Moreover,Lotus elevators offer greater configuration, load capacity, and speed flexibility, while their machine room-free design allows you to maximize building space. In addtin, our advanced regenerative drive technology is used in the LT-EVL, which captures generated power and feeds it back into the building’s electrical grid, lowering energy costs.The usage area is resident, hospital, hotel, factory, mall, airports etc. 

Types of elevators 
  • Passanger Lifts
  • Freight Lifts
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Without Engine Rooms
  • Panoramic Lifts
  • Disabled Lifts
  • Dumbwaiter Lifts
  • Stretcher Lifts
  • Vehicle Lifts

Lift Equipments

As Lotus Energie, we offer our products to users in Turkey  and in certain countries abroad from 1 mm to 64 mm rope with our rich stock. We address all your usage areas with our hundreds of high strength steel ropes with hemp and steel core, flexi and hard, dry, oily, galvanized and stainless steel.

In addition to the steel rope, we supply all of the fasteners and equipment in accordance with all usage areas of the steel rope. Automatic safety or swivel eyelet hooks, omega or flat lug locks, galvanized tensioning, terminal blocks, chains and chain connecting equipment, stainless lift, norsmen, locks, carabiner eyebolts, etc. stainless fastening equipment etc.

Polyester and cloth ropes, eyelets and endless slings, 3-armed superdan and 8-stranded polydacron ship mooring ropes, white and colored sheet, nylon, universal and jute ropes, polyamide, polypropylene, fireproof ropes, waxed and multifilament floating ropes, available in our stock. We make fast shipments to other cities in Istanbul and to other cities and abroad with contracted cargo and warehouses.

The Passenger Elevator is popular for public buildings up to 5 levels. This elevator requires just a 4 ft deep pit. It is not actually necessary to perform the hydraulic ports into the ground. They are positioned above the pit floor and entirely in the hoistway. The cab is lifted by 2 hydraulic jacks, one on each side, working in sync. The hydraulic jacks are powered by a pump unit in a nearby equipment room. The jacks attach near the top of the cab. In this configuration, the lift can be lifted 1 level with a single stage port as shown.

screw drive is use in many commercial and residential wheelchair lifts. This utilizes a long screw shaft and drive nut to lower the platform and raise. The speed of the screw drive wheelchair lift is fairly slow, so it is typically used in applications with 6 feet or less vertical travel. It is connected to the screw shaft by belts. As the screw shaft rotates, the drive nut (and platform) are moved up or down along the shaft. The screw drive wheelchair lift is considered machine-room-less; The controller and motor unit are located in the hoistway, eliminating the need for a separate machine room closet.

The jack is positioned directly under the platform, in the ground. The jack is safeguarded from the ground using a PVC liner. Advantage: Material cost is less expensive than other elevators. This is the easiest to install and is available in low capacity as well as high capacity applications. Heavy freight carsvare generally constantly in-ground. Cons: The jack is located underground and oil contamination is possible, although rare. A PVC liner provide protection between the cylinder and soil.

 Exploration a jack hole can be expensive, depending upon the ground conditions. Important Info: Requires drilling deep hole for hydraulic jack. Requires 4 ft deep pit or greater. Requires ceiling elevation on upper landing of at least 150″ Typical capability of 2100 lbs to 5000 lbs. Larger capacity available Travel speed up to 150 feet per minute.

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