Frequency Converter 3 kVA

LOTUS ENERGY Power Solutions offers you LOTUS-FC series 3 kVA Frequency Converters for your needs, designed and produced in Europe using advanced technology. Our 3 kVA Frequency uses IGBT technology prominently, either without or with a transformer.

We can guarantee you the best quality Frequency Converters that LOTUS ENERGY Power Solutions offers, like IP20, IP22, IP23, IP23, IP32, IP44, IP55, and IP65. In addition, LOTUS ENERGY Power Solutions additionally offers tweaked answers for our significant clients as per their requirements. With European High-Technology, our 3 kVA Frequency Converters can be utilized in such zones as follows: Military Services, Refineries Navigation Systems, and Power Plants.

LOTUS ENERGY Power Solutions3 kVA Frequency Converters from Germany are valid on-line twofold change geography frameworks. Our Frequency Converters are amassed with the most recent condition of craftsmanship IGBT and PWM innovation with microchips and DSP controlled unadulterated sine wave yield converters.

The Frequency Converters are simple for establishment and charging, intended to address your issues and for your definitive arrangements. Subsequently, LOTUS-FC Frequency Converter arrangement 3 kVA ensures and sulies 50Hz to 60Hz information and 50Hz – 60Hz – 400Hz yield.

For example, our Frequency Converters 50Hz to 60Hz are very much delivered for your answers in the air terminals to control all force on your planes or helicopters without any problem. With the assistance of our 3 kVA Frequency Converter, the requirements of 50HZ and 60Hz power can be suorted in one bureau and two force sulies.

We comprehend that time productivity is vital in the aeronautics business. You need supportable energy, force, and power for the following flights! Hence, we are here to give you time proficiency the assistance of 3 kVA Frequency Converters which suly server farms, network arrangements, clinical gadgets, and climate control systems. This is to say that our clients can deal with all energy effectively and quick.

As a main organization from Germany, we are exceptionally reliable in keeping our professionality. Therefore, we have references from NATO, Telecom, and Railway organizations from Germany identified with our exceptionally productive 3 kVA Frequency Converter arrangements.

Our 3 kVA Frequency Converters in Germany from the LOTUS-FC 3kVA are multi chip controlled. They are gotten from any conceivable short out or over-burden issues you may experience. Up to 500 unique records of the boundaries can be overseen in a definite manner, either physically or statically.

With multi-lingual board, the LCD board of LOTUS-FC Series Frequency converters are easy to understand for your administrator to control it effectively, in order to the support.

LOTUS Energy’ Frequency Converters are viable with pretty much every generator. These gadgets have a virus start and auto beginning choices. If there should be an occurrence of crises, the crisis power-off framework is given to guarantee the security of the Frequency Converters.

With LOTUS-FC Series 3kVA Frequency Converters, changing over various frequencies are profoundly conceivable. LOTUS Plus Power System is consistently there for you when you need help with your gear for Frequency Converter. For the 3kVA Frequency Converters, we offer two years guarantee for specialized extra parts just as offering free specialized support recordings and visual archives. These gadgets are planned in Germany and delivered in Europe.

Static 3 kVA Frequency Converters, which is delivered in Germany, are utilized for the gadgets which can’t adjust to line Frequency in their areas. Static Frequency Converters are monetary and more mechanical arrangement contrast with Dynamic Frequency Converters for these issues. Among every one of the benefits, their proficiency is higher and the activity costs are lower. In the mean time, Dynamic Frequency Converters’ reactions are exceptionally short because of the static segments. They are DSP controlled and they can be created by client needs. A battery can be added to the framework and converter can keep on working even in line disappointments

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