Solar Inventers

Lotus Off-Grid Solar Inverters LOTUS ENERGIE offers a wide variety of off-grid inverters from modified sine wave inverters that are best for simple systems to pure sine wave inverters that necessary for electronics and inductive loads. And we have huge selection of sizes from 100 Watt all the way up to 7000 Watt off-grid inverters. Lotus […]

Lotus Frequency Converter

LOTUS Frequency Converter are available power range from 10 to 4000kVA, with 50 or 60 Hz input . Also  60hz to 50hz converter or 60 Hz to 400 Hz converter. It uses double conversion technology , with an integrated output transformer to ensure the galvanic isolation of the load from mains disturbances under all conditions. Moreover,the output […]

Frequency Converter Faqs

Q1) What is a frequency converter used for? What is a frequency converter? Basicly put, frequency converters are a power conversion device. The frequency converter converts a basic fixed-frequency, fixed voltage sine-wave power (line power) to a variable-frequency, variable-voltage output used to control speed of induction motors. Q2) How do you convert one frequency to another? Frequency transformers are utilized for […]

Frequency Converter 3 kVA

LOTUS ENERGY Power Solutions offers you LOTUS-FC series 3 kVA Frequency Converters for your needs, designed and produced in Europe using advanced technology. Our 3 kVA Frequency uses IGBT technology prominently, either without or with a transformer. We can guarantee you the best quality Frequency Converters that LOTUS ENERGY Power Solutions offers, like IP20, IP22, […]

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