LOTUS Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) 1 phase input / 1 phase output automatic transfer switches. These high-tech and high efficient devices primarily intended for industrial, marine and information technology applications. These devices transfer the load as automatic or manual between two different sources, in a safe manner, without interruption. When user defined threshold current exceeded, audible and visible alarm alerts. All necessary operations for these fully DSP-controlled devices can be done through the keypad or web interface, the primary source can be selected.


  • Low delay switch between independent sources.
  • Smart control and high reliability with microprocessor
  • Relay controlled switching (Completely Mechanic)
  • Possibility to choose preferred source
  • Emergency and Manual Transfer modes
  • 2×16 LCD Panel which can display measurements, status and alarms.
  • Adjustable Transfer Time
  • LED indicators which enables to inspect status of Automatic Transfer
  • Audible alarm which can be silenced.
  • Led Test Possibility to calibrate measurement magnitudes from front panel