LOTUS Frequency Converter

LOTUS Frequency Converters are available from 10 to 200 kVA, with 50 or 60 Hz input and 60/50 or 400 Hz output.It uses double conversion technology (VFI SS 111 voltage and frequency independent compliant with IEC EN 62040-3), with an integrated output transformer to ensure the galvanic isolation of the load from mains disturbances under all conditions.

The output voltage is 208 Vca three-phase (200/115V versions upon request). Frequency converters are ideal for airport, military and naval applications.


  • 3 Phase full sinus output waveform
    50 Hz, 60Hz, 83 1/3 Hz, 400 Hz output frequency Internal isolation transformer at output
  • Ability to drive nonlineer loads
  • Reliable IPM (Intelligent Power Module) techology IGBT
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control
  • Space Vector Control technology
  • 2×16 / 4×20 Character LCD display for monitoring an adjustments Audible alarm
  • Programmable dry contact outputs and Modbus communication Adjustasble switching frequency
  • Advanced pc program for PC connection
  • Ability to set up / adjust all operational parameters through front panel and PC commuication
    Input, Output over voltage, over current, short circuit,over temperature protections
  • Ability of control vai external digital input or communicationProgrammable automatic restart
  • Ability of cold start and battery operation